Adult individuals

You may have noticed that you are feeling particularly anxious or be struggling with low mood. You may recently have had a life experience which has left you feeling confused or bereft. You may be aware of issues in your past which seem to intrude on your current situation in a way which feels somewhat destructive. You may find yourself under significant levels of pressure in your work or your home environment. You may have noticed that you are self-medicating with alcohol or other substances in a way which feels a bit harmful. You may be questioning the meaning and point of life, or how you live it. Any or all of the above would be good reasons to seek out some therapeutic support to allow you to explore and understand your current circumstances. This may be enough, or you may also wish go further, begin to change things, and improve how you feel. The therapist is there to guide you through this process, to explore rather than direct, and to stand beside you as you begin to reflect on your emotional health.  

Teenagers and young people

If you are a teenager, or you have recently started at a university, you may be feeling anxious, stressed, or down. This might be about your academic performance, for example wondering if your grades will be good enough, which subjects to take, where to apply for your next step in your education. Or you might be worried about friendships, fitting in socially, beginning new relationships, or being terrified of what people think of you. It might be that things at home are difficult and beginning to interfere with how you think of yourself, or how you feel about things. You might be feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do, or you may have noticed that your eating or sleeping habits have changed. These and many other reasons might be why you would want to talk to a professional who is not your parent or friend, who does not have an agenda and who you don’t have to worry about offending or arguing with, but who is just there to listen and help. 


I work extensively with day and boarding schools in providing psychological support and training to staff, students and parents.  This often involves running presentations or seminars, which may be as short as an hour, or as long as a day.  The subjects of the talks I offer are bespoke and discussed with the school or group concerned in order to ensure maximum relevance and interest.   Recent talks have focussed on many disparate issues, for example, managing exam anxiety and stress for GCSE candidates, parenting boundaries for year 9 parties and socialising, disrespectful behaviour and bullying, the effects of divorce and separation.  I offer advisory and consultancy services to schools focussed on evaluating the provision of mental health services, and making suggestions for improvement.  I also provide crisis management work when a tragedy or trauma occurs that requires immediate action and support. 

Companies and Institutions

I offer seminars and training in all aspects of mental health at work.  This can be aimed at any level of staff and management, and is tailored to the particular client and requirement.  I also offer consultancy services in the review, evaluation, and implementation of mental health support provision for companies.  Recent topics for training have included the management of stress and anxiety at work, how to have mental health conversations at work, and managing the menopause at work. Most recently, consultancy work had tended to centre around developing a comprehensive counselling provision when none existed before.